Sunny Park

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Tumblo is a smart cup which uses various sensors to track users’ water consumption pattern in real-time and encourage self-healthcare through the device.




Innovative Technology Competition 2016, Sogang Univ. , Grand Prize


Korea Innovative Technology Competition, Ministry of Education, Selected Project

Idea Generation

The ideal intake of water per day recommended by World Health Organization is 11 to 17 cups of water, counted by common paper cups. However, the average that people drink per day is only about 4 cups! It means that most people only drink one third of the essential amount of water that their body need.
This is why we came up with a new idea, TUMBLO. Tumblo is a smart tumbler that is based on IoT technologies, and focuses on health care. With Tumblo, we will help users drink water in a much more fashionable, easier, smarter, and better manner. Tumblo will have its own mobile application that can analyze users’ real-time water intake status, let them share how much they have drunk water or what their pattern is with family, friends, or lover.
This plain looking, small tumbler can do almost everything that will help users drink water in an adequate pattern. The leds embedded in this device play an especially important role. These lights will show users various status of water and alarms by blinking or changing colors in red, green, and blue.

Working Process

Designed 3D product modeling using Rhino and produced a prototype with Arduino Fio, Wifi Module and fabrication tools including 3D printing and laser cutting.