Sunny Park

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Other Projects

Nov 2014 - Jun 2015 | Dept. of Art&Technology, Sogang Univ.

Creative contents creator with diverse experience in the following areas :


01. Sound For Time-Based Media.

Jun 2015 | Sound Design, UTS(University of Technology, Sydney)

Worked for 2 public projects as a sound designer communicating with students of Animation Design and Computer Science, UTS(University of Technology, Sydney). Successfully finished the exhibition for interactive animation in the Sydney Central Park.

02. The Carousel.

Apr 2015 | Sound Design, UTS(University of Technology, Sydney)

This animation tells the story of a ringmaster leading his circus animals through a zoetrope and his animals flying out of the zoetrope like a rotor ride. It begins with a zoetrope and ends with a special carousel. The aim of this project is to make the audience think about the origins of the carousel and different personalities of all the creatures by the way that they walk. 

03. ApolloX435.

Nov 2014 | Dept.of Art&Technology, Sogang Univ.

Created a projection mapping artwork with 4 team members as a project manager. Covered an interactive storytelling, constructing the structure, sound design and visual effects using Resolume, After Effects.

04. 3D Modeling & Animation.

Oct - Dec 2013 | Dept.of Art&Technology, Sogang Univ.