Sunny Park

#Web Application Development #Social Networking Service #Front-end #Back-end


Jan 2018 - Mar 2018 | Programmer, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University
BlankNote is a nano-blogging site, which is a featureful, interactive web application with photo upload, and quasi-real-time updates. It was an individual project that I designed the UX and all the features of the front-end side. I also implemented the back-end side through the incremental development using the Git version control system. I gained experience building MVC architecture and using iterative development.



Django, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, MySQL


Website Github

Part #1. Social Network UI and Login.

Implemented the HTML pages for my site and a basic login function using Django’s authentication package.

+ Demonstrated the high­-level architecture of an MVC application, including basic features of the Django framework.
+ Demonstrated a basic understanding objects to represent forms, hierarchical templates,and user authentication using the Django framework.
+ Gained experience using iterative development, similar to what I would encounter using a modern agile software development process.

Part #2. Social Network Models

Gained experience with sophisticated data management, including data models with complex relationships and the use of an ORM to execute queries using those relationships. Achieved integration of data models with:

+ modular, reusable views with inheritance
+ form classes to encapsulate input validation
+ image (or, in general, file) upload

Part #3. AJAX

Increased familiarity with client-side web programming, including the use of JavaScript (and optionally—but hopefully—JavaScript libraries) for DOM manipulation and Ajax.

+ The global and follower streams update with new posts and comments, without refreshing the HTML page, every 5 seconds, using Ajax.
+ Logged-in users are able to add comments to posts anywhere posts are shown.

Part #4. Deployment

Added email validation of user accounts and you will deploy your application to the cloud.

+ When registering a new account:

  • require that an email address to be provided,
  • send, via email, a link that can be clicked on to validate the email address.
+ Installed and configured MySQL.
+ Deployed the social network application on AWS EC2.